This year, we will be raffling items donated by Danish company, Christine Headwear and the kind folks at the Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy SREAT Alliance based in the USA. We had originally planned to raffle these items for free, however, we have decided to ensure we can donate every possible penny to the Non-Profit/Charity Raffle and therefore will be raffling off the below items from our website.

Those who would like to support our Non-Profit/Charity Raffle by purchasing a ticket. Prizes are limited so please know that your raffle payment will go toward a donation to one of the participating Non-Profits.

Please see each raffle item and it’s details below. You will receive a confirmation email (not instantly, it will be sent by a volunteer) with your raffle number. Your raffle number will be based on your PayPal transaction number.

Please keep hold of this email until all raffles have concluded. The winner will be announced live on one of our social platforms (To Be Determined.)

We highly recommend going to the Facebook event page and click “going” to ensure you stay up-to-date with the raffle details to be announced. The final raffle will be held after #Dazzle4Rare 2020 to allow time to tally all entries from all raffles and giveaways.

#Dazzle4Rare Non-Profit Charity Raffle Items

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