Dazzle4Rare 2021 Schedule

Due to changes to the Facebook event platform, we are unable to add a schedule to the event page. However, we’ll be sharing a post to the event as well as adding the schedule for 2021 here.

Dazzle4Rare 2021 Event Schedule

DayTheme for the Day
Sunday, 8th August
New to the event or returning?
New to Dazzle4Rare or returning? What made you decide to join us this year?
Monday, 9th August
Getting to know you
Share your story using #dazzle4rare! Are you a patient, an advocate, or an ally?
Tuesday, 10th August
Introduce us to your community
Tell us about your community! Feel free to share a community website, talk about your community goals, or share other useful information about your community.
Wednesday, 11th August
Rare disease star you admire
We’d love to know who you admire in your community or in another rare disease community. Share some love and recognition.
Thursday, 12 August
A day of remembrance for family, friends, and colleagues in rare disease who are no longer with us.
Friday, 13th August
Lucky to be here
Some think Friday the 13th is unlucky but many of us are very lucky. Share a story of gratitude linked to your rare experience.
Saturday, 14th August
Celebrate yourself
Post about the things you love about yourself or that others love about you or the rare individual(s) in you life. This can be related to the condition or any personal trait!
Sunday, 15th August
Tell us about your #Dazzle4Rare week! Did you meet new people or learn facts about community you were not familiar with? Share what you know!
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