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D4R 2021 Content

Welcome to Dazzle4Rare 2021

Where to download

Here are the details for downloading assets/content to schedule for D4R. Reminder, the week starts on 8th and ends 15th August. If you require teaser content to post, please let me know. There is currently a countdown template for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and some generic images that can be used if desired – by request.

Where to download

Google Drive

If your email on this list is attached to a Google account, you already have access to the folder Assets. If you do not use the email address on this list with a Google account, you can still click the link while logged into a Google account and request access.

There folders for each approved message/org as well as zip files containing all the the org messages for each format.  Folders are marked according the organisation name with each format located inside each folder. 

Assets Folder

If you use OneDrive or Drop Box for your organisation, I can upload the desired items or zip files to one of those services. Please email the request to kimberly@dazzle4rare.net. 


If you have a Canva account, you may go to the template of your choice (Facebook post, Twitter post, Instagram post, etc.) and download all of the graphics in that template. 

If you would like to make modifications to your page in the template, please email kimberly@dazzle4rare with your Canva email to be added. Once your email is added, you can edit the template **for your organisation only please** and download. Note this will also change for everyone who downloads the content from Canva so note that this could cause inconsistencies. 

Approved Message text

The approved messages can be found on the event pinned post or downloaded from Google Drive as a text file. 

Facebook Event Pinned Post

It’s likely there will be various questions about downloading or to advise of errors. When doing large volumes like this I do tend to miss things. Please don’t hesitate to email me or message me.

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