Dazzle4Rare 2021 Wrap-up

D4R Wrap-up

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Dazzle4Rare Wrap-up

More co-hosts than ever!

Team Dazzle has been so lucky and blessed to be able to say that in 2021, because of he efforts of so many existing relationships, we were able to welcome 7 new co-hosts and we had the most co-hosts ever have ever had! 

A Warm Thank You

We extend a warm thank you to everyone who shared aproved messages, rare disease facts, personal stories, videos, and more. These things truly made this year more special than ever before!

Thank you also to organisations and advocates who have posted about the event in their communities online. We hope that you will all continue to do this in the future to help engage your communites in the event, increasing everyone’s reach and message delivery.

Quick Numbers


During the event duration, we did surpass last year’s impressions by 576k on Twitter. We also increased out average event tweets per hour from 8 to 12. A wonderful 150 Twitter accounts participated in the event week. This isn’t a big improvement over the previous year but the quality of engagements and connections  was present. 


On the Facebook event page, we received a record breaking 302 responses, 96 people who clicked “going”, and the event reached 4,299 accounts total. In terms of demographics, 76% of the was identified as female. 


I do not have any hard and fast number for IG at this time. It has been a struggle to find a good, basic IG hashtag tool that isn’t burried in a paid service. I can say this is only the 2nd year we’ve used Instagram. It did appear that there were a lot of posts on our co-hosts timelines, several personal accounts engaging with the hashtag, and some great interest in the Instagram LIVE streams that Whitney Laverder did with Marni Cartelli, Kristine Hoesterman of RARE., and Becky & Lisa from Central Pain Nerve Center. 

We would love to do more of these inpromput “getting to know you” IG LIVE streams. Please do email us at info@dazzle4rare.net if you’re interested in doing something like this with us to share your awareness day/week/month or other event or campaign. 

A Brief Break for #TeamDazzle

We will be taking a brief break on our socials while we look at the overall picture, come up with some improvements to our website, and some process updates. It has mostly been myself (Kimberly) doing this with with some exceptions. However, there was more interest toward the end of the event with folks wanting to contribute more time to continue to work with the momentum of the event. 

Dazzle4Rare 2022

It is never too early to start preparing for next year! Quite often organisations will say contact us closer to the event and when we make contact 3 to 5 months before, they say they are already participating in too many events or it’s too short notice. It would work best for all parties if we can avoid this situation by getting things sorted well ahead of time. 

In 2022 we will be putting in place a cut-off date of 1st of June, 2022. This will give Kimberly plenty of time to create assets for all the approved messages, upload them to the desired spot may that be our closed Facebook group, our Google Drive, or another cloud-based server you use. It only takes a few moments to distill your mission statement into a 280 character message including #dazzle4rare and attaching your most up-to-date logo. That is all we really need. You can send a 2nd longer blurb for inclusion on other platforms and the website, and you may send any brand guidelines you may have such as fonts, colours, and whatever else you prefer we use. 

We are available for any questions at info@dazzle4rare.net or kimberly@dazzle4rare.net. 

The Other 51 Weeks of the Year

We want to remain a resource for your organisation, advocacy group, or individual advocacy to help signal boost your message outside of D4R week. Please email your campaigns, events, awareness day/week/month, or other news to info@dazzle4rare.net and let’s work on how we can share with more people. 

Join the dazzle in 2022! We are a diverse crowd! Visit dazzle4rare.net or our socials at dazzle4rare!

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