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D4R Updates

Dazzle4Rare Co-Host & Message Updates 

New Co-host & Message Updates

There have been changes to two org messages as well as a new-to-the-Dazzle org.

Rare Revolution Magazine

RRM has released their new edition of Rare Revolution Magazine so the link in their message has changed as a result. I have updated all of our socials to reflect this change and updated the text file on the  Google Drive. If your organisation is able to update the graphic and message, that’s wonderful but not required. Daisy at RRM has confirmed that using the existing content is fine. You can also share the updated post form any of our socials rather than reschedule as that may be easier. If you choose to do that, I would recommend deleting the scheduled content and reshare from our @dazzle4rare socials.

Their amended message is,  “#RARERevolution will #Dazzle4Rare this August, will you join us in helping to give a voice to all RARE conditions? Find us @RareRevolutionM @RareRevolutionMagazine and read our latest edition RARE here https://pos.li/2j7r4e

Note the shortlink was auto generated by our scheduling service. It works. The official shortlink from RRM is https://bit.ly/RARE-Equitable.

ANE International

There was an error in last year’s message. The new message reads,  “ANE International raises awareness, supports families & educates on #AcuteNecrotizingEncephalopathy. ANE occurs following viral illness such as flu. Typically it affects healthy kids. Mortality is high & almost all acquired brain injury. Check out our website 4 info. #dazzle4rare” 

This new message is found with all the messages on the event pinned post as well as the Google Drive text file

Assets Folder

Social Media Goodies


We have created Giphy gifs for use on Instagram as stickers to add to you #Dazzle4Rare stories and selfies. We also have a few Instagram filters. All of these can be found by searching dazzle4rare or @dazzle4rare in the Instagram search. 


There are also gifs for Facebook that I believe come from Tenor (where Twitter gifs come from). They are not as nice as the Giphy stickers but they are what they are. You can add them to your Facebook stories, selfies, and posts. You can also add a Facebook profile picture frame to your photos. Please do share this infor with your communities so they can take advantage of sharing #Dazzle4Rare + your org with their family and friends. 

Other Platforms

Any platforms that use Giphy or Tenor for gifs should give you access to the gifs I’ve created. Just search dazzle4rare to find them. You can also go to the Giphy website and embed, link, or download the gifs as needed. 

These gifs on Giphy have received, as of this email, over 190k views on social media! Please do try to use these if appropriate for your organisation or encourage your communities to give them a go! They’re fun and also helpful for sharing the hashtag with others. 



Inevitably there are always questions! This is a very busy time as the event starts on Sunday, 8th August so advanced apologies if I’m hard to get in touch with. You can reach me via email, our Facebook page @Dazzle4Rare. If you are in our closed Facebook planning group, you can always message me personally from the group. There is also a messenger link to make contact at the bottom of this email. 

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