Join the #Dazzle4Rare Movement We need more than advocacy, we need a movement. Our Mission It’s simple: every movement has a mission. Ours is to reach closed communities, transcend geographic borders, and create social change for undiagnosed and rare patients. Co-Hosts We’re experts in making new friends worlwide. Some friends become valued partners. Meet our co-hosts. Partnerships are everything. Our growing relationships with non-profit organizations serving rare disease communities, networking with expert patients and advocates, and creating opportunities with other stakeholders is what helps us to continue to succeed. We believe that partnerships are everything. Awareness is an uphill battle. It’s so hard for all of us to reach the 90% who do not live with a rare disease and especially the condtion(s) we have. Dazzle4Rare represents a diverse group of non-profit communities, patients, and caregivers across genetic and aquired conditions. Banding together means we finally have a voice because we are using a social-strategy to reach each other’s friends and family networks.We are sharing each other’s stories, and in a way, we’re sharing our own – as a largely dismissed demographic of people with diverse needs who are seriously underserved by governements around the world. About Dazzle4Rare Every August, we #Dazzle4Rare. We post, we like, and we share – all for undiagnosed and rare disease. It’s projected that 1 in 10 Americans suffer from a rare disease []. It’s also projected that there are at least six to seven thousand rare diseases. With millions of people worldwide suffering from one of these diseases, it’s hard for any one rare disease group to spread awareness of their condition. Patients, families, and communities of all sizes affected by rare and undiagnosed disease need more than awareness, we need action. We’re advocates. Meet our Dazzle4Rare trailblazers.
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