What is #Dazzle4Rare

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What is #Dazzle4Rare

Dazzle4Rare is a week to raise awareness for people with undiagnosed and rare diseases. The event is unique because it helps communities of all sizes share information, reaching more people in other communities.

The idea is simple: when you share for another community, that community’s message can reach more people who might be helped by it. And when other communities share your message, you reach more people too!

You can see our co-host’s past messages by looking at past #Dazzle4Rare events on Facebook by searching the hashtag. The goal is always to help organisations, groups, and patients affected by rare diseases to share information with more people each year.

Dazzle4Rare is an ongoing conversation about working together as a larger community to help more people. It takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it to ensure more people see your community’s message.

How to participate in #Dazzle4Rare

Participating in #Dazzle4Rare, which takes place every 2nd week of August, is easy! The easiest way to get involved is to follow the hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other platform you use. As you scroll through the posts, share rare disease posts to help amplify and spread awareness for undiagnosed and rare voices.

If you want to do more, here are some tips for individuals and non-profit organizations:

  • Share your own stories, experiences, or information related to rare disease using the hashtag #Dazzle4Rare
  • Co-host the event with your Facebook your community
  • Partner with other co-host organizations to amplify the reach of your messages
  • Reach out to local media outlets to increase visibility
  • Use the official event graphics and hashtag on social media posts during the event
  • Encourage your friends, family, and followers to participate too!