Dazzle4Rare is a community-led organisation that advocates through collaboration and cooperation. Our mission is to raise awareness through networking to move communities forward and empower organisations, advocates, patients, caregivers, and other stakeholders to reach more people than they typically would through traditional means.


Photo of a child with a flat, widened nasal bridge. His mother is sitting next to him, smiling. There is a brown photography studio backdrop. The boy is wearing a red shirt and the mother is wearing a white blouse.


Inclusion isn’t just “nice to have” but essential. It takes all of us working together to create real, lasting change in how the general public recognises and relates to “rare disease.”

We are transparent with our Network, we value empathy, and we strive to innovate.


We always have and always will work collaboratively with non-profits, patient advocacy groups, the patients and their caregivers, researchers, and industry partners to address the unmet needs and priorities of the rare and associated communities. Everything we do aims to include these groups, help them increase their social reach, and widen our Network for the benefit of everyone involved.


From over 100k Twitter impressions to 9.5 million Twitter impressions for the hashtag #Dazzle4Rare, our collective Network has reached hundreds of thousands of people with their critical messages.

Dazzle4Rare was named in the 2019 iPain Magazine Top 100 Influencers. We achieve nothing without collaboration and teamwork. These aren’t Dazzle4Rare achievements, their our Network’s achievements.

Educate. Innovate. Amplify.

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If you want to get your non-profit, patient advocacy, or other message out to more people who care about rare, visit our Registration page to add your details, logo or photo, and the message you’d like others to share during the event!

Image of 2018 Dazzle4Rare Social Media impressions from Symplur Hashtag Project.

#Dazzle4Rare Symplur Hashtag Impressions


#Dazzle4Rare Symplur Hashtag Impressions


Symplur screenshot of 2022 social media impressions raching 9.4 million Twitter hashtag impressions.

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