Team work really does make the dream work!

Without our team of hard-working and dedicated volunteer patient advocates, we wouldn’t be able to do everything we hold dear. 

Kimberly Thomas-Tague
#Dazzle4Rare Founder & Primary Contact

In her past life, she was the social media strategist for the Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy SREAT Alliance.  Kimberly is a patient herself, diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome almost two years to the date of the first #Dazzle4Rare event!

She survives and thrives with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome, a few comorbidities, and some undiagnosed stragglers.

When it comes to #Dazzle4Rare, she wears a lot of hats.

Holly "Health" 
Social Media Voluteer & Expert Patient Advocate
Holly Health
Social Media Volunteer & Expert Patient Advocate

Holly has been a help to the Dazzle4Rare family for a few years. We finally got a photo of her for the website! You may sometimes see posts from Holly on our Dazzle4Rare IG page or on our Facebook page. We’re always grateful for Holly’s input, ideas, and support!

Lydia Seiders

Lydia Seiders
Advocate & Advisor
Lydia Seiders
Advocate & Advisor

We are happy to welcome Lydia Seiders back for Dazzle4Rare 2021! Lydia is a state ambassador to the National Organization for Rare Disease (NORD) from Maryland as well as being involved in other organisations based in the United States.

Lydia will be helping with community/organisation outreach in 2021.

Judy the Advocate
United Advocacy Australia
Judith the Advocate
Advocate & Advisor

Judy’s compassion knows no bounds. In addition to tweeting and sharing on social media for #Dazzle4rare 2021, she will also be taking an active role helping reach out to organisations to participate this year! She has been helping folks all over the world for years now and we love her for it.

Thank you, Judy!

Past Team Members

Kimberly Amelia
Kimberly Amelia Harttman
Expert Patient, Advocate, & Advisor

Kimberly Amelia passed in February of 2020. Her contributions to Dazzle4Rare were immense and we could not have reached the heights that we did without her. She was truly a jack of all trades. No one can replace her in our movement or our hearts.

John Marlowe
Expert Patient & Genomics Advisor
John Marlowe
Expert Patient & Genomics Advisor

John is an expert patient, an advisor, and all-around good person. He knows a lot about Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) so you should get to know him.

Lisa Whaley Foley
Lisa Whaley Foley
Social Media Graphics

This is Lisa! She has been the wind beneath our wings since we started in 2016 under the HESA umbrella. Lisa still volunteers for HESA and when she can, she helps us out too. She’s got a big heart. We can’t be more grateful for all she does and all the love she gives!

Organization Communication and Outreach

Whitney is a CRPS warrior! Whit joined us last year to help with email outreach and communication. We appreciate all she has done and continues to do in rare and chronic illness communities!

Erica C.

Social Media Graphics

Erica is a fellow patient and advocate , as well as a loving Mom. She joined us in 2020 to help snazzy up our social media graphics and we’re grateful for her contributions.

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