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Signalise: a #Dazzle4Rare podcast

Here, we signal-boost undiagnosed and rare stories, turning up the volume on life-changing stories.

Please note, we are currently working on transcribe all episodes (over 20) as well as adding Closed Captions (CC) to the YouTube podcast as well.

  • EP 24: Pride Month 2023 and Your Rare & Relevant TL;DR

    welcome to another episode of Signalise and happy Pride Month 2023! In today’s episode, we’ll be giving you the rare and relevant TL;DR and LGBTQ+ Price as it intersects with the URCIID or undiagnosed, rare, chronically and invisibly ill, and Disability communities.

  • Who is Kimberly? (Bio)

    Who is Kimberly? If you have followed Dazzle4Rare or my personal journey in various forms, much of this may be familiar to you. For those who do not already know me, I’m going to share a very difficult, true story about how I became so passionate about not only rare disease but the lives of…

  • Signalise : a Dazzle4Rare Podcast – The Trailer

    In this brief trailer, Kimberly talks about what you can expect from Signalise. You’ll also hear why Signalise, and Dazzle4Rare, have been life-changing for Kimberly and many others Worldwide. 

  • EP1 – Welcome to Signalise: a #Dazzle4Rare podcast

    Welcome to Signalise: a Dazzle4Rare podcast. Here, we signal-boost undiagnosed and rare stories, turning up the volume on their life-changing stories.  This episode introduces your host, Kimberly, and her mission to signal-boost undiagnosed and rare stories.  Kimberly touches on her own experience with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in this episode, find out more about the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes here:…

  • EP2 – Sam FIllingham, CEO and Founder at Poland Syndrome Support UK

    Sam shares a bit about Poland syndrome, how they got started, and their new patient registry, changing the lives of patients far and wide.  Join the register ➡️ Learn about the clinic ➡️ Case study ➡️

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