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Signalise: a #Dazzle4Rare podcast

Here, we signal-boost undiagnosed and rare stories, turning up the volume on life-changing stories.

Please note, we are currently working on transcribe all episodes (over 20) as well as adding Closed Captions (CC) to the YouTube podcast as well.

  • Dazzle4Rare 2021 Wrap-up

    D4R Wrap-up View online version Dazzle4Rare Wrap-up More co-hosts than ever! Team Dazzle has been so lucky and blessed to be able to say that in 2021, because of he efforts of so many existing relationships, we were able to welcome 7 new co-hosts and we had the most co-hosts ever have ever had!  A…

  • D4R 2021 Content

    D4R 2021 Links to Content View online version D4R 2021 Content Welcome to Dazzle4Rare 2021 Where to download Here are the details for downloading assets/content to schedule for D4R. Reminder, the week starts on 8th and ends 15th August. If you require teaser content to post, please let me know. There is currently a countdown…

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